Todd Kiyoshi Tanaka

Dear Stan Sakai,

How can I put into words the affect you have had upon me through your Usagi
Yojimbo creation, story telling, and artistry throughout the years?

Collecting comics as a young child, I was naturally drawn to the usual
superheroes dawning red and blue web tights, clad in gold and red metal
armored suits, even teams of superheroes, each with distinctively different
special powers and dressed in blue tights with the number 4 on their
chests'.  Many moons and many years passed as though I was a cloud in a time
lapse film clip, and now posed with life decisions of whether to pursue
pre-med, international business, or what was really in my heart, art

At about this time, I discovered this endearing ronin rabbit and
have always kept him close to my heart.  I began collecting everything Usagi
Yojimbo.  The content and emotion gripped me in a very healthy way.  It was
so pure, captivating and refreshing.  The fact that a black and white comic
could have moved me so much and kept my attention and interest to keep
coming back for more speaks for the essence of quality story telling and
amazing imagery.  

When a comic book can make you hungry, you know it is being done well. Ummmm...I could live on Musubi and Ochasuke!  Growing up with those foods, and seeing them inked in a comic book, really hit home.

Again, it is very difficult to put into words, the feeling I get simply
mentioning the name Usagi Yojimbo and reminiscing with my younger sister
(her middle name Tomie) about the episodes of Usagi Yojimbo we experienced
back in the 80's.  Thank you Stan Sakai for all you have done for the world
and the wonderful impact you have had upon my more trying years.  Now, 40
years of age and a business owner, I still get that special feeling when
talking about the one and only Usagi Yojimbo.

Peace, Harmony, and My Deepest Gratitude,

Todd Kiyoshi Tanaka

Steve Hubbell

Steve Hubbell

Nick Hubbell

Nick Hubbell

Joanna Weaver

It's a small (3 inch diameter) round porcelain coaster with Usagi's face carved on it glazed with a blue celadon that I made recently (my family runs a pottery business - IMG_3538 IMG_3539

D. Vekrbauer

D. Vekrbauer 6.10

Chuck Dillon

Chuck Dillon_woodcutters6.10

Kay Otani

How can I thank you for the joy you have given me over the years?

I still reread the entire series from time to time from the first stories.

Sometimes, when I have been especially stressed or sad, they have literally given me strength to go on.  (What would Usagi do in this situation?)

Making each small thing well,
The artisan practices his craft.
Intended grandeur often fails,
But great works are built in small steps.

Happy anniversary Stan!

Mara Fróhling

Mara Frohling 6.9-1

Steven James Walker

I grew up in Minnesota and first met the Ronin Rabit in the pages of TMNT some time around UY V1 # 10 or so.  It was what 1988?  87? I was in 7th grade? I went and got all the back issues, and have been collecting it ever since.  I get them imported here to the shop and get both the trades and the monthly books.  I've missed a few years here and there, but I've been able to get most of the missing issues. I almost have every UY book and appearance there is, but not all here.  (Most live in closet at my parents in Maryland).  I wish I could afford to ship them here (safely in a container and insured).  

Steven James Walker 7.7.09