Tyler Sticka

Tyler Sticka 6.27.09

Rebecca Womack

Dear Stan,

Thanks for 25 years of great stories and art. One of my son's earliest memories is reading Usagi with me before bedtime.

Usagi inspired my son in many ways...from thinking before acting to respecting everyone...

Congrats on Usagi's (and yours) 25th anniversary!!!!!!

Rebecca Womack/ Blue Lotus

Jon Francois

Usagi Yojimbo is one of those rare long-running comic books that isn’t a corporate property, crossover crazy, or treats death like the common cold. One might ask how Stan Sakai is able to keep a character going in the market of today without resorting to common tricks of the industry.

The simple answer is that he is a great storyteller that relies on maintaining the integrity of the story and the actions within have consequences. Usagi must struggle like the rest of us. This creates an incredibly powerful bond between the character and the audience. It also helps that the character has been the vision of a single storyteller who contributes the dialogue and the visuals. The growth is natural and isn’t forced so that a new creator is able to tell the story they wish.

Thank you for Usagi Yojimbo Mr. Sakai. This character consistently displays such honor, nobility, and fights the good fight. It's obvious to all who have met you that Usagi reflects the personality of his creator. I look forward to reading Usagi’s adventures for years to come.


Jon Francois (Crofton, MD)


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Jeff Crump

Jeff Crump Ninja Ant 6.26

Matt Levin

Matt Levin 6.26

Steve Sims


Trent "Musashi" McNeeley

Trent McNeeley 6.24

Carl Murray

Dear Stan Sakai

Happy 25
th Anniversary!
The Usagi Youjimbo series has been a wonderful addition to the world, especially my side in Australia.
The principls expressed in your stories are a great inspiration in every day life.
I have been reading Usagi for 20 years, and find these principles are still just as relevant now as they were when I was younger.

Thanks for sharing your timeless creation, Miyamoto Usagi.

Carl Murray

Ismael Alejandro Moreno Ozuna

Ismael Alejandro Moreno Ozuna 6.24

Robin Ragnarsson

Usagi Yojimbo Robin Ragnarsson 6.24



Ernst Schneiderelt

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Vincent Bumatay

Vincent Bumatay 6.21

Robert Kassebaum

The Usagi Yojimbo Experience

It is the Year of the Rabbit -- 1999. The place is the San Diego Comic Convention, celebrating its 30th anniversary. It is a warm Friday night and I am waiting in line for the Eisner Awards. You Stan, with your family, walk down the hall and pass by me. I call out and wish to you luck. You look and wave back as you enter the room. You are nominated for three Eisners and came away with one: Best Serialized Story. Saturday I come to your booth and get you to sign the program. I congratulate you and we chat about last night. I am also there for another reason: The UYD Event. Yet this gathering different than those in the past, it is the 15th anniversary of Usagi Yojimbo -- a milestone for the comic series. Dojo members from far and wide come to celebrate the tales of the Ronin Rabbit. We talk, take pictures, and hug. It is a great turn out -- a true Usagi Yojimbo Experience.
Now, ten years after, the 25
th anniversary is here and I feel Matt Brady put it best in the article he wrote about you and the comic for issue #1167 of the Comics Buyer’s Guide, “This rabbit bodyguard keeps on going… and going… and going.” And why not, Usagi Yojimbo keeps evolving -- both in writing and art -- with each issue. So what can one say but thank you. Yes, thank you Stan, for putting up with me these past 25 at the SDCC. I know I can be overwhelming at times. Thank you for making me feel like family. I always enjoy talking to Sharon at each convention and catching up on the past year. And thank you for your creation, Usagi Yojimbo. It is still one of the best comics being published today. So yes, happy 25th anniversary Stan -- another milestone to be sure.
While the Usagi Yojimbo Experience keeps getting better with each issue, the celebration of anniversaries will come and go. Each will be looked forward to and be as important as the last. I believe the next big event, Stan, is just around the corner. Just think, in the year 2034, it will be the 50
th anniversary of Usagi Yojimbo -- a stone throw away. I will be 74 years young and you Stan, an energetic 81, definitely a time for the UYD to gather and party like it is 1999. And I hope the Dojo puts another gift like this one together for you. I think I know what to write because history often repeats itself. Maybe it will start a little like this: It is the Year of the Ox -- 2009. The place is the Comic-Con International: San Diego, celebrating its 40th anniversary…

--Robert Kassebaum