Jon Francois

Usagi Yojimbo is one of those rare long-running comic books that isn’t a corporate property, crossover crazy, or treats death like the common cold. One might ask how Stan Sakai is able to keep a character going in the market of today without resorting to common tricks of the industry.

The simple answer is that he is a great storyteller that relies on maintaining the integrity of the story and the actions within have consequences. Usagi must struggle like the rest of us. This creates an incredibly powerful bond between the character and the audience. It also helps that the character has been the vision of a single storyteller who contributes the dialogue and the visuals. The growth is natural and isn’t forced so that a new creator is able to tell the story they wish.

Thank you for Usagi Yojimbo Mr. Sakai. This character consistently displays such honor, nobility, and fights the good fight. It's obvious to all who have met you that Usagi reflects the personality of his creator. I look forward to reading Usagi’s adventures for years to come.


Jon Francois (Crofton, MD)