Nikki "Jotaro9" Caudill

A Special note for Stan Sakai:

My name is Nichelle (Nikki) Caudill. I am a young Fantasy writer who has yet to get her work published. I just wanted to let you know how much I sincerely appreciate your work. It has truly been an inspiration to me over the years, being why I chose to draw the main character from my novels showing his respect for Usagi.
My characters, in their own world, live their lives by a code of honor that is based on the Samurai’s way of life, and I often look to Usagi’s adventures for inspiration as to what a truly honorable person would do in certain situations.
The ideals that your stories provide have always filled me with a sense of peace and resolution, and one day I hope to aspire to your greatness in my writing skills.
I only hope that one day my work will be published, and if it is, I would hope that I could be compared to you in some ways, even though we work in different mediums. Your humor and skills are unparalleled, and so, I thank you again for inspiring this young writer as well as so many others.

-Ever your friend,
Nichelle Caudill